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The Garrett Miho Foundation was established in memory of Garrett Miho, who unexpectedly passed away in May of 1999, to address the needs of children being raised in single parent households.

With the cost of housing, education, childcare, healthcare and other essential services rising, the cost to raise a child is growing faster than a family's ability to pay. This strain on a family budget is multiplied for single parent households. As a result, a parent is forced to reduce the number and types of extra-curricular activities his or her child participates in.

Many of these activities provide essential life experiences that these children need to build self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and leadership skills that will help mold them into responsible and well-rounded individuals. To eliminate these experiences from their lives is to retard the growth of our future leaders.

The Garrett Miho Foundation is devoted to helping these children by providing financial support, mentors and volunteers to organizations and individuals to meet their needs. We believe that by providing a positive environment and positive role models, we can help pave their way to a better and brighter future.

The Garrett Miho Foundation
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